Lindsey Grande

Product & Brand Designer

Babylist (2011-2015)

I was the Lead Designer of Babylist, a baby registry startup based in California, USA. Teaming up with the startup's founder, Babylist was launched in early 2011. My involvement from Day 1 has allowed me to contribute a wide range of work from concepts, product development, and design.

My Roles: Design Lead, UI Design, UX Design, Visual Design


Early Designs

Babylist was initially designed and built as a web experience. Users could add the bookmarklet to their browser and add any item from any store online to their Babylist. From there, they could share the URL to their registry with friends and family. Experiences were designed for both registry owners and their contacts who would purchase items for them.


As Babylist grew, the design matured and allowed us to expand. With a new design, we also launched our mobile apps both on iOS and Android platforms.

Designing the registry always needed to be thoughtful because not only were we targeting new parents, but their friends and family too. We loved hearing our users write to the team saying their registry looks GREAT but was also easy to use that even their grandmother was able to use it and reserve an item.