Lindsey Grande

Product & Brand Designer

Opportunities at Goodwall (2018)

In 2018, Goodwall was ready to take the leap into expanding its user base to an older demographic. This would expand opportunities to cater to university students and young professionals. New features were added and design changes were made to support the effort.

My Roles: Design Lead, UI Design, UX Design, Visual Design


Jobs for Young Professionals

We wanted to develop a creative and fun way for our users to interact with jobs and opportunities content. The team conceptualized an envelope component that users would interact with by "tearing" it open. By sliding across the element, it would open the job details as a card. Job cards would have all the relevant information users would need to know about the opportunity, including how to apply.

The Jobs Inbox was also a great way to deliver promoted content to our members for relevant opportunities. To further support our expanded community, we also added a section on the app that featured the latest activity from members that just got hired. The objective is to inspire the community and encourage engagement between members.