Lindsey Grande

Product & Brand Designer

Goodwall App (2021)

As Goodwall’s Design Director, I led the redesign of the brand’s identity, mobile & web applications, and communication design. Goodwall’s design needed to evolve with its community in a post-COVID-19 world.


My Roles: Design Lead, UI Design, Visual Design

Design System

The Challenge

Goodwall has always been a constantly evolving community. Coming from a rich design history, we had a lot of experiences that we could pull from, both good and bad. We met a lot of difficulties with the current brand design and we wanted to make sure those issues got addressed. The main challenge for this project was to connect better with Gen-Z, our primary user base. This generation of future talent was coming in to their own identity. Our goal was to evolve Goodwall’s design so it compliments the community and evolve with them.


During our discovery phase, we understood that it was important to also visually show that the Goodwall brand represents youth, energy, and positivity. We inspired ourselves with colors, positive images, and concepts that are important to our community.

Design Concept

The concept developed features bright colors with a green primary color, showcasing an energetic and youthful look and feel.

Identity & Components

Proxima Nova became our chosen typeface. We selected a limited and bright color palette that can easily be adapted by anyone in the team. We also updated our UI components so the new design can be adapted and implemented onto our mobile and web apps. Our small team put together a design system using Figma that can easily be built upon.

Mobile App

On the mobile app, it was important to use the new design in a way that was thoughtful since most interactions with our community took place on the app. The new design was seamlessly adapted to the existing app's UI, showcasing a fresh look for Goodwall.

Goodwall Mobile

Web App

On the web, the design needed to be visually consistent to extend the identity to our web experience. This was also an important aspect for our business development and marketing teams.

Goodwall Web


The new brand design launched early in 2021. Goodwall’s new design was well-received by both the Goodwall community and the internal team. It was important for the team to love the design since this makes them ambassadors for the brand. Beyond what we accomplished, we expect that this design and identity will continue to evolve as our community evolves and as Goodwall’s product evolves.